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18 / 06 / 20

Social Distancing? No Problem! LiveSpot360 To Launch New Experiences Using Drive Through Cinemas, Augmented Reality Concerts and A Host Of Other Groundbreaking Initiatives.

Renowned creative collective, Livespot360 have announced a slew of new cutting-edge formats set to transform digital experiences forever. These innovations will cut across entertainment and experiential marketing, as LiveSpot360 seeks to use innovation to transcend…

04 / 06 / 20

Leveraging Social Media To Drive Results

Humans on the internet.  They are the reason anything will go viral on social media. They are the personas we study endlessly trying to figure out how they think so our brand can be the best…

18 / 05 / 20

Why should anyone consume your content?

This is why people are not hooked to your content It's May 2020, and over 60% of the world's populace is on the internet. Usually, when online, there are three groups of people you will…

05 / 05 / 20


Let’s talk about negotiation… A real story here: I had a cup of wine but I don’t drink alcohol and I wanted a bar of chocolate – please don’t ask how this happened. Guess what…

23 / 04 / 20

The Future of Production Enforced Through Social Distancing

The world as we know it has changed. And this change has affected everything from the petroleum industry to the advertising industry.   Just two months ago, the most obvious answer to creating a television commercial…

25 / 03 / 20

How Coronavirus will Enforce Digital Transformation

One minute you are hanging out with your friends and colleagues, the next minute you are required to stay at home because of Social Distancing.    The last two weeks have been an eye-opener in Nigeria.…

17 / 03 / 20


Trendjacking may sound novel, yet another buzzword in the marketing world of many buzzwords. Despair no further, trendjacking is simply the art of utilizing a trend to suit the marketing desires or needs of your…

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