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15 / 03 / 23

3 Ways to Tap into Nostalgia Marketing

Nostalgia marketing has become increasingly popular in recent years, as businesses look to tap into consumers' fond memories of the past. By evoking feelings of nostalgia, brands can create a powerful emotional connection with their…

The impact of Nigerian elections on brands
01 / 03 / 23

Navigating Nigerian Elections: Understanding the Impact on Brands

Nigeria is home to a diverse range of brands, from local SMEs to multinational corporations. However, the country's political climate, particularly during election seasons, can have a significant impact on these brands' operations and bottom…

17 / 02 / 23

Case Study: Basketball Africa League – The Unveil Event

The Brief: Organize the first official event in Lagos by Basketball Africa League to celebrate their achievements, and usher in the new basketball season. Livespot was tasked with the role of branding, merch production, operations…

3 ways Marketers can use Customer Experience to gain Brand Equity
08 / 02 / 23

3 ways Marketers can use Customer Experience to gain Brand Equity

The rules of brand building have objectively changed as experience has become central to success for brands and for the marketers who manage them. Today, brands grow by making people‚Äôs lives better and in the…

Livespot 360
18 / 06 / 20

Social Distancing? No Problem! LiveSpot360 To Launch New Experiences Using Drive Through Cinemas, Augmented Reality Concerts and A Host Of Other Groundbreaking Initiatives.

Renowned creative collective, Livespot360 have announced a slew of new cutting-edge formats set to transform digital experiences forever. These innovations will cut across entertainment and experiential marketing, as LiveSpot360 seeks to use innovation to transcend…

04 / 06 / 20

Leveraging Social Media To Drive Results

Humans on the internet.  They are the reason anything will go viral on social media. They are the personas we study endlessly trying to figure out how they think so our brand can be the best…

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