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Renowned creative collective, Livespot360 have announced a slew of new cutting-edge formats set to transform digital experiences forever. These innovations will cut across entertainment and experiential marketing, as LiveSpot360 seeks to use innovation to transcend these trying times.

These unique platforms will feature state-of-the-art technology, as Livespot360 will be exploring the application of virtual and augmented reality in providing stellar experiences through their virtual hub.

Founded in Lagos, Nigeria, Livespot360 boasts an enviable reputation for creating some of the most memorable concert experiences in Nigerian history. From pulling off the renowned concert series, Love Like A Movie featuring Kelly Rowland, Ciara and Kim Kardashian, to the highly acclaimed The Falz Experience and Cardi B’s historic showpiece at Livespot X Festival in Lagos and Accra, LiveSpot360 has been at the heart of specially curated unforgettable experiences.

The company’s full 360 creative expertise has been evident across marketing communications i.e.  Advertising, Digital, Tech, Production, Experiential and Entertainment. These wins have seen LiveSpot360 quickly become one of the most respected companies in the industry.

With the launch of these new platforms, LiveSpot360 is looking to revolutionize the way consumers interact with different forms of leisure and entertainment activities. These initiatives also have the potential to help salvage the entertainment industry which has been heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since February 2020, some of the world’s biggest musicians have had to cancel planned gigs and performances, and this has led to a gross loss of over $200 million for the music industry alone.

Livespot360’s new property, Virtuopia – a virtual reality platform powered by LiveSpot360, is offering an exciting alternative that will allow creatives to engage fans in cutting-edge and fascinating ways.

Virtuopia will take audiences on an immersive journey to concerts, games, festivals, fantasy-themed adventures and more, through Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Other experiences include Virtual Cinema, 3D product launches/showcase, Live streams of events, conferences amongst others.

The location-based virtual reality entertainment industry is about to grow up to $825 million by 2021 according to Greenlight Insights’ forecasts. The cinema experience can become a leader in this emerging market, and LiveSpot360 appears to be getting ahead of the curve with these new innovations.

Speaking on the new offerings, Deola Art Alade, CEO, Livespot360 said, “In the wake of the new reality, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Livespot360 are aiming to stay ahead of the curve, dictating the pace and seeking endless possibilities. We have always defined and grown exceptional brands and these platforms will not be an exemption. We will continue to do this through a carefully refined system of ideation and creative development, leveraging our extensive resource network to communicate across multi platforms.

It doesn’t end there, however, as another announced platform, Lutopia, is aimed at engaging consumers with state-of-the-art experiences through Drive-In Discos/Parties/Clubs/Concerts/Cinemas, Drive-Thru Fast Food & Grill and other experiences. Lutopia seeks to offer an alternate, yet equally enjoyable alternative to physical events.

In addition to these, Livespot360 will be unveiling the hybrid events – a series of specially curated live and archived experiences hosted on the company’s lifestyle and entertainment platform, Livespot Nation.

Commenting on this, Dare Art Alade, Chief Creative Director, Livespot360 noted, “The creative revolution Livespot360 brings to the marketing industry is based on years of commendable work and a track record of excellence. We thrive in applying our creativity to providing real, exciting marketing solutions for all our clients and audiences. We are a 360° creative collective of the digital era, unified by a passion for developing disruptive ideas that convert consumers into fans.”

Livespot360’s latest bouquet of offerings gives existing clients, partner brands, artists, creatives and many others, a renewed opportunity to engage audiences through innovative platforms and unique experiences.

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