Humans on the internet.  They are the reason anything will go viral on social media. They are the personas we study endlessly trying to figure out how they think so our brand can be the best thing since sliced bread to them. A subject of incessant studies. So how do we get their attention with our content? 

You should know that there isn’t a one size fits all approach to reach them. After all, we are talking about human beings who have different backgrounds and live different lives, so it won’t be sane to shove them in the same box. 

With that said, every content that has achieved its purpose has had social currency. While most youths are not narcissists, sharing, or engaging with your content must mean something to them. How will it make them feel sharing it on their timeline? Will it make them look cool, stand-out, does it suit their image? These are the crucial things you must consider. 


Aramide, a first-class graduate of Covenant University, had just received her acceptance letter to Harvard for her masters degree which cost about N30 million. In 3 weeks, a sum of 68,000 USD (approximately N26.5 million) was raised via scholarships, GoFundMe, and donations. Her GoFundMe account alone raised over $50,000 in the MIDDLE of a pandemic! Why? Because people who felt her journey kept retweeting and sharing and did not keep quiet about it. She had shared her story; they connected with it and started advocating for her. They wanted to be part of her success story, and that’s exactly what they did, savagely replying those who didn’t believe in her dreams and sending them into hiding. 

Wrapped in this story is something else, being ‘practically valuable’. People like to help other people. It doesn’t matter who or what you are, they get serotonin triggers when they know they are doing good. Most people, anyway.  

So cut to the chase, how does your product help people?  Clearly show this and they will be happy to engage and share, knowing that sharing your product can mean the difference for someone else. They know that sharing your content equates being helpful. The best part? All they had to do is click a button, that’s all. 

Someone tweeted “We got Aramide to Harvard…” another tweeted “praying for all those who helped her”, and you know that there’s a deep sense of pride where all that came from. 

Don’t forget that all these tips will be nothing if you are not authentic, have a good product, and tell your story with your ‘why’ clearly defined.  

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