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Livespot is a 360º creative solutions company, of the digital era; unified by a passion for developing disruptive ideas. We turn consumers into fans through human-centred storified experiences, engagement and entertainment.

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Passion makes us tick. We truly love what we do, and it is evident in the energy we infuse into every task and project. Every client is unique, as are their expectations, so for every project we undertake, we bring a fresh, enthusiastic approach to tackling the situation and creating something new.


We undertake every project with an insight-based approach, ensuring we deeply understand the needs of our clients and audiences. Nothing is ever an accident; we measure twice and cut once. We've run the entire gauntlet for Livespot Production and Livespot Media, and now as Livespot 360, we are still focused on precision.


Every detail counts to ensure our clients can rest assured, knowing they will get maximum value for their money. We live in that beautiful center where synergy has a handshake with flawless execution.

Our Clients


15 / 03 / 23

3 Ways to Tap into Nostalgia Marketing

Nostalgia marketing has become increasingly popular in recent years, as businesses look to tap into consumers' fond memories of the past. By evoking feelings of nostalgia, brands can create a powerful emotional connection with their…

The impact of Nigerian elections on brands
01 / 03 / 23

Navigating Nigerian Elections: Understanding the Impact on Brands

Nigeria is home to a diverse range of brands, from local SMEs to multinational corporations. However, the country's political climate, particularly during election seasons, can have a significant impact on these brands' operations and bottom…

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