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Category: Production
Date: 02/14/2024

Livespot Production

Orange is the epitome of cinematic brilliance.

Best believe it's showtime when one of our rings glows ORANGE – from suspenseful storytelling to drama-filled reality TV shows, prepare to be whisked away!

Our production arm excels in full technical production design and execution across various media, spanning live events to reality shows, audio, and video production formats, utilizing our state-of-the-art TV, audio, and video production facilities.

Armed with Nigeria’s largest and most impressive stockpile of high-quality production equipment, including LED screens, heavy-duty lighting fixtures and desks, trussing, cameras, film, and sound equipment, available for rent through our sister company Rent-A-Rig, we are fully equipped to bring your visions to life.

We elevated The Voice Nigeria Season 3 to unprecedented heights, delivering a show-stopping experience as the first season produced in Nigeria. Entrusted with pivotal roles in marketing and production, Livespot360 seamlessly orchestrated the "Unleashing Potentials" campaign, connecting with the audience through strategic visuals, audio, and audio-visual materials. The impact was profound – commercials garnered 200,000 YouTube views within the first month, and social pages witnessed an astonishing 200% growth, echoing overwhelmingly positive sentiments.

Our expertise not only met but surpassed expectations, marking a historic chapter for The Voice Nigeria and establishing a new standard for excellence.

Witness our dominance of the airwaves with "The Real Housewives of Lagos." The high emotions and drama gained widespread attention across Nigeria and the world, building a massive fan base with organic engagement and streaming numbers beyond expectations. Taking on the full production of the show, we aimed to create a distinctly Nigerian version of the hit reality TV format, infusing indigenous and lifestyle elements, delving into the personal and professional lives of our carefully cast Lagos socialite housewives. The outcome? A constantly-trending, drama-filled, entertaining show with a glossy and luxurious visual appeal!

Stepping into the world of digital humor, we had our audience rolling with laughter by adapting and producing Amazon's first unscripted African Original, "Last One Laughing," for the Nigerian audience. Creatively infusing elements of our culture, language, trends, and other relevant nuances, LOL Naija Season I became a top trending show on Prime Video for the first two weeks of its launch on the platform. The six-part comedy series, currently produced in over 20 countries and territories worldwide, including Canada, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and South Africa, featured ten professional comedians in a house with a simple mission: to make each other laugh without laughing themselves.

Our role encompassed the full production, from recruiting the team to managing talent acquisition, handling end-to-end recording and post-production, and creating the full house where the production was shot.