BRIEF:              Nestlé is a brand that has built its reputation globally through the production of products that help people take care of themselves and their families. So, it was no surprise when the Nestlé Nigeria team briefed Livespot to handle its 2019 Family Open Day.

SOLUTION:      With the event tagged ‘Family Adventure’, it was important for the Livespot team to bring the adventure message to life in a way that would be exciting for both the parents and their children. Making use of a space that was already familiar to staff members, the Livespot team transformed the outdoor area of the Nestlé HQ to a mini-adventure jungle with games and activities for singles, parents and children.

RESULT:           The children had a great time, which was evident with the level of engagement with the games and parents/employees had another opportunity to play, laugh, bond and create deepened connections with each other.

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