BRIEF: The Heineken Lagos Fashion Week is an annual celebration and showcase of Africa’s best in fashion. The week-long event is the leading fashion show in Nigeria and a key player in the promotion of the ever-growing fashion industry in the country. As named sponsors of the show and a brand continuously investing in the Nigerian fashion industry, it was essential to create an experience that was unique to the Heineken brand while being exciting and daring for fashion lovers.

SOLUTION: To achieve this, the Livespot team put together a unique experience lounge which married the essence of an international brewery with the finesse of local fashion. The goal was to give the guests the best of both worlds, ensuring everyone who came to the Heineken experience lounge felt like the VIPs they were.

RESULT: Throughout the week-long event, the Heineken lounge was adored by the guests who were fully being engaged with fun activities as they enjoyed ice-cold cups of Heineken, Heineken infused cocktails and more.

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