Love Like A Movie 2 – The Love Roller Coaster

The Brief: After setting such a high standard for the Love Like a Movie pilot, the new challenge was to create an experience that would top the first event whilst achieving other set objectives.

The Solution: The Love Rollercoaster explored the different shades of love from a musical point of view. To complete the magic, we created an exclusive stage design which included multi-coloured lit up chemical tanks.

The Results: We raised the bar higher.  The show featured a carefully selected mix of local and international performers with American music superstar, Kelly Rowland, as an international act. It was without a doubt, one of the best shows ever executed in Nigeria. We recorded several firsts:

1) The first outdoor video mapping production on 27m x 7m perforated screen using 6 Christie 20k with a trussing ground support system spanning the width of the stage at 12m height with 14 towers.

2) The first 30m wide outdoor stage.

3) Use of a telescopic crane for aerial performers.

4) Projection blend using chemical tanks as both surfaces and light boxes.


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