The Voice Nigeria Season 3

Brief: After two seasons and a brief two-year hiatus, The Voice returned for its third season in Nigeria. With the third season and the first to be produced in Nigeria, the goal was to ensure The Voice Nigeria Season 3 is the best The Voice Nigeria yet and this is where Livespot360 comes in. 

Solution: With The Voice, three things make the show; the production, the marketing and the quality of talents on the show. Livespot360 won the contract to handle two crucial parts of the show elements, the marketing and production. 

For marketing, the team tapped into the not-so-obvious realities of the audience and created a campaign around “Unleashing Potentials”. A campaign hook represented through a series of visual, audio and audio-visual communication materials. This was working alongside a set of carefully selected coaches, hosts and impactful designs to increase connections with the target audience.

Results: The commercials received over 200,000 views in the first month on YouTube alone. Social pages grew by over 200% with sentiments around the show being largely positive.

Watch some of the video commercials created for The Voice Nigeria season 3!

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