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The Falz Experience 1

The Brief: When multiple award-winning entertainer Falz reached out to our team to market his debut concert, our objectives were clear. We needed to create awareness and talkability about the Falz experience, giving it a larger than life feel that would reflect in ticket and table sales.

The Solution: We designed a solution that redefined concert/entertainment marketing in Nigeria. As part of the pre-event marketing strategy, we explored the relationship between Falz’ multiple personalities and created a series of skits, which we leveraged strongly to generate awareness, talkability, and anticipation for the show. Amongst other solutions, we created a landing page that functioned as a central hub for all the event information.

The Results:

1) The event venue was filled to capacity.

2) The hashtag #TheFalzExperience trended all over the Internet during the event and for hours after it ended. The concert has been continually described as the best music event of the year 2017 with not a single bad review.

3) Over 500 million Impressions achieved by social media activities. The ads generated over 10 million unique visits to the Falz Experience landing page. We grew the Facebook page organically by over 6,000 new page likes.

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