Aboard The Majestic Epouranic

The Brief: In 2014, Executives at Believers Love World had a dream to create an immersive experience for their stakeholders to step into the enchanted world that shows the power and impact the ministry has on the world – and the legacy of the ministry’s president, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Livespot was tasked with handling the set design, technical production, content development, and event management.

The Solution: Our objective was to simulate the sensation of a real-life voyage. Our approach involved the design of a life-size ship deck inside the LoveWorld Convocation Arena auditorium, brought to life with a giant panoramic screen projection around the ship (this would become the first ever 200m successful blend in West/East/Central Africa using 12 Christie 20k projectors), and amplified by the fusion multi-sensory elements of smell, sight and sound reflected by the motion of the changing scenes on the screen, the maritime-themed costumes of the crew on deck and the entertainment which paid homage to cultures of the locals along each stop.

The Result: We ultimately delivered an elegant world-class experience with the progressive event design. The event was also highly rated by guests.

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