Why is it so important to boost morale in the workplace? If you popped this question into your Google search bar, you’ll be welcomed with a pool of reasons but it all boils down to one thing; morale is very linked to productivity and productivity is the bedrock for growth in every organization and team.

Happy employees are productive employees, productive employees have improved performance and creativity. Staff morale tactics are different across industries and are unique to organizations. We thought to share some of the ways Livespot 360’s senior management works to boost staff morale, some of them could work for your company as well.


Employees love to be seen, especially those who put in the work. Recognition can be as big as handing out bonuses or as small as openly appreciating people in front of their colleagues and other bosses. If you have a hard worker on your team, let them know you appreciate their contribution to the success of the organization, and they’ll keep giving it their all.

Caring About the Not So Little Things

Agreed your employee/team members get paid to do the work they do. However, noticing the things other people will overlook will make them feel seen and appreciated. Take some time out to genuinely find out how your people are doing, even when you can’t help, knowing you are concerned and genuinely care really helps.

Growth Opportunities

How do people grow higher up the ranks and how can they grow within the organization? In what aspects of their lives do they experience this growth? How formal or informal is the learning and is this method effective for the employees. We have this amazing culture at Livespot 360 where employees write down their personal goals over a quarter and the company is open to ways to helping them ensure they achieve those goals.

Being Part of the Process

Things will not always go as planned and many times they may just become overwhelming and it’s very easy for senior management to push their team members to produce results, but what we’ve noticed that helps employees through difficult work times is knowing they are not alone and everyone is clearly working to achieve the same objective.

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