Finding a venue that conveys the unique and special personality of your client is an important part of the event planning process, and can also be very difficult. As an event planner/management company, you might be familiar with all the venues around you but do you really want to shuffle clients and their events within the same 3 venues?

No. That’s not a thing you want to do.

So eventually you’re going to need to expand your reach to find other venues. And when this time comes, you don’t need to drive around looking or send out frantic emails to colleagues who might have useful contacts because there are tools that can help provide the search flexibility and one-of-a-kind options that will truly dazzle guests (and client by proxy).

Here’s a list of the best 4 tools for finding event venues in Nigeria.



OGAVENUE has a database of over 6000 event venues across Nigeria. With an easy to use interface, it allows clients to book for venues online and offline (depending on the client’s preference) and provides support which enables clients to make the right choice of venues. It also has a live availability feature (which shows if your preferred date is free or not).

A very special feature it possesses is the “Virtual Venue Visit” which allows prospective clients to take a 3D tour of any of the venues in the database.



With a database of over 1000 venues across Nigeria, this tool offers information about event venues using a keyword, state, venue type (event hall, exhibition venue etc), and the number of guests. It also groups the venues into the following categories:

  • Venue types
  • Venues for events
  • Venues by location

A special feature is the ability to find venues that allow certain features. For example, venues with backup generators, handicap entrances, next to a major bus stop etc.



With a comprehensive list of event venues, meeting halls, banquet facilities, and theatres with in-depth information on each venue and their location, AMGVENUES provides booking services for venues ranging from high priced exotic hotels to the low-cost marquee tents across Nigeria. Also, venues can be booked offline (directly with the venue owners) but discounts and benefits are gotten if bookings are made through AMGVENUES.



If at this point you’re wondering why all these sites look strangely similar, it’s because these tools are built to have interfaces as simple as possible so as to not confuse users. VENUECOMPASS allows searches for venues using location, guest capacity, and venue style. There are no extra charges for booking through VENUECOMPASS and no cancellation fees in case plans change.


Using the right event venue search tools, you can create beautiful and memorable experiences that will enhance brand recognition, improve customer engagement, and generate social buzz in a way that will keep guests talking for years to come.

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